What Every Grad Should Know About Sustainability


As I studied aboard in Germany, I learned how sustainability can be deeply integrated into a company’s culture and philosophy.

As “going green” becomes mainstream, it’s easy to find yourself confused about what this actually means. Many agree that sustainability is important as a lifestyle and a business practice, but what does this look like once you graduate from college? For soon-to-be or recent college graduates, a career in sustainability involves passion and understanding the basics, but also flexibility for the changing world ahead.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reminds us that sustainability involves the concern for our society, environment and economy as our population grows and increases our consumption of natural resources. Reducing our current consumption for resources isn’t enough; we need a lifestyle change. This is where innovative ideas come in from the fresh minds of college grads. As forward thinkers who want to prepare for the long-term future, not just tomorrow, recent graduates are ready to tackle these hands-on problems.

Now, being a green grad sounds great, but what will make companies become more sustainable? Fronseys, a digital economy advisory service focused on sustainability and innovation, says there are several reasons why businesses have to go green:

  • Operating efficiently is a sustainability practice that can also cuts costs

  • Being sustainable helps build a positive reputation

  • Employees care about sustainability– Don’t forget the people in people, planet, profit Triple Bottom Line.

As people hold themselves and businesses more accountable for their actions, sustainability is becoming an integrated part of how consumers and businesses operate. For college graduates, this news comes as an opportunity to be part of original and creative solutions across all career fields.

Many people think the next big job boom will happen in the area of sustainability,” Debbie Freeman, Arizona State University Communications Manager for the School of Business said.

Sustainability is becoming an expected part of companies, which means new and evolving careers await. With patience and creativity, going green could equal a rewarding and profitable career.

What’s your advice to grads who want a career in sustainability?