A Bright Future for Green Marketing

For those looking for a career in public relations, advertising, marketing or business, green should be the brightest color on your job-search radar.

As a soon-to-be-grad, I see value and job-potential in brands telling a sustainability story. Many companies and experts agree that it’s one thing to claim to be sustainable and another to prove it. The “proving it” part is where I, and other grads, come in. Companies will need employees who understand and care about environmental issues and know how to market sustainability.

To better understand green marketing, let’s take a lesson from a brand who is making green more mainstream. Levi Strauss & Co. is a company openly sharing its sustainability strategy. The release of Levi’s Waste-Less jeans, made from 20 percent recycled plastic, represents the company’s bigger push for reducing its environmental impact.

“It’s not about offering a niche green product,” Jonathan Kirby, Levi’s VP of global men’s design, said in the AdWeek article, Green is the New Black. “We’re working to build sustainability into everything—from the cotton fields to our supply chain, to our stores, to our designs across product lines.”

In the article, The Next Frontier in Green Marketing is Responsible Consumption, Jacquie Ottman explains more about Levi’s sustainability initiatives. Levi has partnered with Goodwill to educate consumers on how to reduce blue jean life-cycle waste. The campaign, “A Care Tag For the Planet,” uses tags that explain to wash jeans in cold water, hang them out to dry and donate them if the jeans are no longer wanted.

In addition to learning from Levi’s marketing strategy, Ottman also enlightens us in her book, The New Rules of Green Marketing. Watch the video below to learn more about her book from Lorni Li, Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV:

With case studies like Levi Strauss and experts like Jacquie Ottman, grads can not only be better educated consumers, but also more marketable employees.

How do you educate yourself on green brands and job opportunities?


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